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Vuma Supacool 12%
A Truly Low GI Feed

Low molasses and maize free providing cool energy with a low starch content.


With 12% protein Supacool feed is an ideal all round, high fibre, maintenance feed for all types of horses and ponies, from leisure horses to performance horses with a tendency to be hot. The combination of high-fibre bran nuggets and oats helps to fuel work and maintain condition without exacerbating excitable temperaments.


Fully balanced with enhanced vitamins and minerals, this feed is a truly low GI with low starch and molasses content.


*Also available in a 10% protein variant


Suitable for: 

  • Performance horses with a sensibility to high grain diets

  • Horses prone to tying up

  • Younger performance horses in hard work

Vuma Vintage Nuggets 12%
For your "Golden Oldies"


Specially formulated, highly digestible feed, containing VO3 Max oil and Protexin for your "golden oldies" with special needs.


Vuma Vintage Nuggets are especially formulated to fulfill the needs of older horses with teeth problems and reduced digestive capability. The combination of extruded grains and soft bran nuggets allow for easier chewing and improved digestibility.


Vuma VO3 Max oil is added for enhanced fat quantity and to ensure the correct balance of Omega 3, 6 and 9 oils. Protexin Premium is added to aid digestion. Protexin is a multi strain probiotic . It helps to improve feed digestibility and conversion efficiency and reduces digestive upsets.


Vintage Nuggets offer improved digestibility for mature "golden oldies" with special needs.


Suitable for: 

  • Older horses

  • Horses with teeth problem 

  • Horses with reduced digestive capabilities

Vuma V8
Stamina and Speed


Enhanced fat, performance feed for mature performance horses and endurance horses, providing sustained energy.


Formulated to promote improved stamina in the performance and endurance horse, Vuma V8 is an energy dense feed, equally popular across the disciplines, for providing high energy with elevated fat levels. The higher oil content with the right blend of Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids is supported by key antioxidants to help the body utilise the oil more efficiently.


The combination of whole grains together with extruded and crushed maize provides readily available energy to meet the requirements of anaerobic respiration during periods of faster work. The extrusion process moves digestion to the small intestine where energy uptake is higher and lactic acid, heat and gas build - up is significantly reduced.

The higher oil content provides slow release, non-heating energy which encourages a glycogen sparing effect, so helping to promote excellent levels of stamina and reduce recovery times.


Suitable for: 

  • Mature performance horses

  • Endurance horses in full work

Vuma Valu Red
Get That Extra Value


An ideal feed for horses and ponies in light to moderate work, including performance horses in early work.


A 12% protein feed, containing bran nuggets with crushed maize, whole sunflower seeds and oats for horses and ponies in work. This is the perfect step-up from Vuma Supacool.


The added maize provides more energy for horse and ponies in light to medium work and needing that bit of extra energy.


Suitbale for:

  • Horses and ponies in light to medium work

  • Performance horses in early work

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