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About Us

What makes our feeds unique

Launched in 1989, and with a history of innovation in the horse feed industry, Vuma continues to focus on providing the best and most natural ingredients to provide optimum nutrition for each horse.


With two horse friendly mills, our dedicated horse feed production allows us to ensure your peace of mind knowing that your product is made in a mill that will not compromise on horse safety.


At the core of the product range, and the original stalwarts, are the coarse muesli mixes made with whole grains and processed maize. The whole grains include oats, sunflower and barley, providing starch, protein, and roughage while also fulfilling some of the natural searching behaviour of horses by allowing them to pick through the different grains. More roughage and different shaped grains, allow for slower eating and more optimal digestion, reducing the common problems often associated with refined, high grain diets.


Vuma’s ongoing mission is to provide the most natural products, dedicated solely to the health, welfare and optimum performance of our customers, your horses. The wealth of experience that the Vuma team offers, is supported by international research, unyielding standards and customer care, combined with the use of the best ingredients and packaging to ensure that every bag provides a top quality, nutrient dense and highly digestible ration.


We are all about providing optimal nutrition and, to this end, correct vitamin, mineral and amino acid levels are crucial. Inorganic minerals are commonly used; however there are organic versions of some of these minerals, which have higher absorption efficiency. Although more expensive, the trade-off of the cost of these organic forms is the benefit of increased absorption. The benefits of good levels of vitamin A, vitamin E and biotin are irrefutable, and evidence suggests that vitamin C is useful in laying a good foundation for bone development which is why it forms a crucial ingredient in our stud feed. The vitamin and mineral packs in commercial feeds are really the difference between a good feed and a great one – a key differentiator in Vuma’s niche products.


Vuma feeds has a solid history in the export market, having been a supplier to the Mauritian racing industry since 2004. Export opportunities to international racing jurisdictions in the East and Middle East are a large part of the reason that we made the conscious decision to resize our bags to 22.5kg’s - the international standard within the 25kg weight limit.


We also supply countries to the north of South Africa, such as the Democratic Republic of Congo, Zambia and Ghana, where competitive and leisure riders in show-jumping, dressage and polo know the benefits of feeding Vuma.


In 2010, Afresh Brands took ownership of the Vuma Horse Feed brand and manufacture of the Vuma range of products. Our country-wide sophisticated manufacturing and regional reach mean that getting your bags of premium Vuma is easier than ever. All our nutritionists and sales team are passionate horse people and always available to assist you with questions and concerns. We value our customer’s feedback in our continued endeavours to provide your horses with Africa’s Finest Horse Feed.

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