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Vuma Horse Feeds has its origins in the heart of the countryside. Born and developed by horsemen for horsemen in the lush green valley that is home to Summerhill Stud, in the shadow of Giant’s Castle in KwaZulu-Natal, Vuma Feed carries with it the essence of these origins. This land, deep in horse country and steeped in history, has been the nursery ground of racehorse champions since 1979. The major turning point for the farm was a conscious shift to a more natural approach to farming, pasture management and caring for the environment that led to them winning 10 consecutive National Thoroughbred Breeders Championships in a row.


This same natural philosophy of care and concern, which Vuma started with, continues to drive the way we manufacture our horse feed.  Made in a horse-friendly mill with the very best ingredients possible, the Vuma range of products provides nutrient dense, whole grain rations, with processed maize for maximum digestibility, or maize free to suit all individual nutritional needs.


Vuma has fed, and continues to feed, top level competitive and leisure riders across all disciplines, as well as feeding some of the country’s champion race horse trainers. Your passion is our passion – a passion for horses and doing things the right way, but always in the best interest of the horse.


Africa’s finest horse feeds – we love to feed your champions

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