Vuma was created by breeders, carried on by horsemen. No doubt that our stud feeds are among the best on the market. Make the right choice from the beginning, and start with the good stuff. 

Vuma Vitality 12%
For Good Condition


A whole grain, "muesli feed", ideal for horses in medium to full work, helping to maintain optimum working condition. Vitality is also very suitable for stud horses requiring a lower protein, either in the early part of pregnancy or on high protein pastures.


A 12% protein, whole grain, highly digestible, nutrient dense mix which provides a combination of energy sources including maize, oats, fibre and oil, with a cutting edge vitamin and mineral pack to ensure a horse's demands can be met at all work intensities.


The nutrient dense formulation is ideal for horses in medium to hard work and is popular for show horses, show-jumpers, eventers, polo ponies and other fit performance horses, to maintain optimum working condition.


The quality protein sources and amino acid profile promote muscle tone and support tissue development and repair.


Suitable for: 

  • Horses that require a lower protein intake

  • Horses in medium to hard work 

  • Show horses

  • Show-jumping 

  • Eventers

  • Polo ponies

  • Barren mares

  • Mares in 1st & 2nd trimester

  • Non-working stallions

Vuma Vigour 15%
The Ideal Stud Ration


A whole grain, "muesli feed". This market-leader is the ideal stud ration ensuring quality protein and superior vitamin and mineral levels to support correct growth and development.


This market leader is renowned among leading breeders and combines all the advantages of a traditional, whole grain, oat-based muesli feed with a platinum class vitamin and mineral pack to deliver optimum nutritional support to all breeding and young stock.


It contains excellent quality protein for muscle and tissue development and repair whilst the superior vitamin and mineral profile has been specially developed to support optimal growth and includes enhanced levels of Vitamin C, Biotin and important antioxidants.

Vuma Vigour is the ideal all-round stud ration for mares in the third trimester of pregnancy, lactating broodmares, growing foals, weanlings, yearlings and young horses (up to 3/4 years) in light to medium work or sales preparation, as well as covering stallions.


Suitable for:

  • Mares in 3rd trimester

  • Lactating broodmares

  • Growing foals, weanlings & yearlings

  • Young horses in light to medium work

  • Young horses in sales preparation

  • Covering stallions



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